Why Children Should Avoid Sugar

No cookies and cake? What?!

YES. No cookies and cake. Sugary foods and drinks such as juice/sodas cause UNHEALTHY weight gain. Yes, we want children to grow and develop, and they will – even with minimal sugar in their diet.

High-sugar diets lead to dental cavities and pave the way for future chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Yes, it may seem far-fetched and even ridiculous to some people to start restricting sugar in childhood, but it is so very important.

When we eat sugar, our glucose (blood sugar) levels rise. To combat this, the body secretes a hormone called insulin. Insulin brings down the glucose level. If someone is consuming a lot of sugary foods/beverages, then the glucose level is persistently high, and the body is constantly secreting insulin to control the glucose levels. Eventually, the body becomes resistant to insulin. End result? Type 2 Diabetes.

No sugar
Foods and drinks that are high in sugar lead to dental cavities and unhealthy weight gain

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